In 1998 Alvin was diagnosed with severe split personality disorder and created a character called Dj TigerStyle. When in this mode he would spend his time alone just facing a wall and moving a vinyl record backwards and forwards non-stop for literally hours without food or water. And sometimes with a cape (as a treat during half term, lent and birthdays).

Weirdly, all those lonely misspent hours paid off and earned him multiple national titles and 3 major world titles. All of a sudden his arm exploded. Then it got better so he was alright.

Alvin wondered what to call this art of manipulating regular vinyl music into scratch-music while facing a wall and wearing a cape, transfixed in a trance-like state of Turntablism. So he decided to call it Wall Cape.

After hanging up his boots in the competition scene he developed his record playing by incorporating scratching into his electronic music production to create a frighteningly entertaining live set… So frightening you’ll shit your face off.