In the summer of 2012 Alvin grew tired of the music world and became a little more concerned with the world itself. Music seemed at the time to be changing. Hip Hop became Pop-Hop, distancing the true foundations/meaning of Hip Hop, misleading the youth. Everything was beginning to stink of cash, not artistry. This strange time caused him to have a break to refresh. He went back to college to study Sociology & Psychology. After winning at college and hours of reading into the hidden world of politics and history it was now time to get back to business and approach musically slightly differently.

Tiger’s not a conspiracy theorist at all but more into the thought-process that when your back’s turned, watching reality TV, global corruption is still happening and it’s important to understand your environment as much as possible.
This new album is dedicated to just that and fuses a variety of genres and contains a list of merry men: prolific MCs Jehst (YNR productions) and Roughneck-Jihad (Third Sight), world champ beatboxer Ball-Zee, flute maestro Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee, Cello boy Matt Constantine (The Man who was Thursday) and the jazz man Rich Bundy so far…
More info nearer completion – stay tuned.

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