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3 x World Champion

The first ever goal was to win a world title. He snuck into each venue and stole 3 world-championship trophies in 2003: DMC Battle for Supremacy, ITF Advancement Class, The All-Star Beatdown.
Alvin pretended to be friends with all of his competitors, but deep down he hated every single one of them… and still does.


C2C - Le Banquet

C2C / Le Banquet

Mr. Style went back to work at the scratch office and accidentally co-produced and arranged C2C’s most hardcore scratch-track (Le Banquet) for their album Tetra. He didn’t mean for it to be so hardcore and spectacular but what can he say? “I am the One”, he said, facing the imaginary camera… “you know, like Neil from the Matrix”. C2C couldn’t let Neil take all the glory so they included their other DJ friends out of pity. These amazing little friends included DJs: Rafik, Netik, Vajra (now Chris Karns) and Kentaro. Even though they hated Tiger just as much he as hated them, C2C kindly invited him and Netik as guests for their last tour date at Zentih, Paris. Tetra is arguably one of the most (if not, the most) successful Turntablist productions to date.


manga copy


Posing as a world champion deceived the Japanese anime company Manga into working with him. He was asked to produce a mash-up of the animated series Neon-Genesis Evangelion. Using the sound FX and speech (in Japanese) he created a 10min piece to tell the story of the episodes. Aided by visuals from the film, the track (Enter the Angels) was put onto DVD as part of a remix compilation.


Zooteka 2

Celebrate Krakow

Polish arts/entertainments company Zooteka forced Alvin at gun point to co-produce a track with other Polish artists to celebrate 50 years of the history of Krakow. Legendary violinist Nigel Kennedy played an important role in the celebration as it’s his hometown and had a nice little input in the track.



Kala Phool

Mother India 21st Century remix

Arts company Kala Phool was also conned into working with TigerStyle. After many hours of brain-storming, production, meetings and rehearsals, Tiger and the band (Dave Shaw/drums, Matt Constantine/Cello/keys and Josh Ford/visuals) produced and performed a 45min re-score of the epic Asian classic movie Mother India.
The performance was toured all over UK and Australia – including prestigious venues such as the Southbank, Roundhouse, Melbourne Arts Centre and the Sydney Opera House.



Flutebox EP

Written by the flute/beatbox-maestro Nathan Lee and produced/arranged by TigerStyle, they both created the EP over the course of 6 months and won EP of the month in MixMag and was rated highly in the iTunes chart.
The EP was performed live across Europe with Nathan’s collection of talent called the Clinic: Wandan (beatbox), Mike Pag (viola), Rich Bundy (keys), Skrein (vocals), Matt Constantine (cello), TigerStyle (MPC/Turntables).